Bulletin of Adult and Continuing Education

No. 31 , Pages 185 - 206 , 2002

The Essential Conditions for Reflective Learning Based on “Ontological Security” (Article written in chinese)

Miin-shyong SHYU


This paper explores the essential conditions that have the potential to facilitate reflective learning, in an account of “ontological security”. According to our investigation that, people will reflect their biographies and change the stock of knowledge or routine lifestyle, only when they meet with the accidents that great enough to hurt their bodies, or disturb their satisfaction in feelings and economic need. That is to say, their futures are in uncertainty, unknown and with unintended consequences. But only depending on the stimulation from great accidents won’t sufficient enough for those people who enmesh in danger escape themselves from risk, they also need some alternative options to compare their situation with, and assure the new one might work perfectly well in their contexts now. Without this, they can’t have better reference to change. Beside this, it suggests that adult educators also must secure the learners’ ontological security against existential anxieties by associating learners’ network and groups based on trust. Furthermore, educators still need to provide sufficient economic resources through lifelong learning and social welfare policies making, for all learners in each lifecycle can participate in reflective learning programs, and get economic autonomy status from dependent on others’ control in their adulthood.

Keywords: adult learning; group learning; reflective learning; ontological security; trust

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