Canadian and International Education

Vol. 29 No. 2, Page 91, December 2000

Mongolian-Canadian Education, Training and Research Cooperation: A Brief History, 1973-2000

Wayne Nelles


This paper is a brief history of Mongolian-Canadian educational cooperation since 1973 when Canada and Mongolia established diplomatic relations. Ad hoc linkages and minor activities occurred prior to the 1990s mainly through a Canada-Mongolia Society that disbanded in 1980. Only after the Soviet Union collapsed, and Mongolia established a democratic government in 1991 did many countries begin to support Mongolia through donor activity and business involvement. Until the mid-to-late 1990s with some IDRC, CIDA, and NGO support, Canada did little there. Since 1997 with the establishment of an Honorary Consul in Mongolia¡¦s capital and a small Canada Fund including some education aid, diplomatic activity as well as independent research and development cooperation led by Canadian universities, has increased. This paper presents an overview of these activities, including a critical analysis of Canadian aid overshadowed by bureaucratic limitations of Canada¡¦s CIDA-funded university partnership program with developing countries, Canadian economic or trade interests, and CIDA¡¦s China program. More research is needed to assess the depth, breadth and implications of Mongolian-Canadian education and research cooperation beyond the scope of this short paper.

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