Educational Research

Vol. 26 No. 6 , Pages 84 - 88 , 2005

Influences of Abolishment of Imperial Examination System on the Academy of Classic Learning in Late Qing Dynasty (Article written in Chinese)

LI Bing


When China started the efforts to modernize herself, the academy of classical learning with cultivation of candidates for the imperial examinations as its major function could no longer meet the needs of the society then and it became the common understanding to reform the academy of classical learning in light of modern educational system in western countries. But the reform of the academy of classical learning, the process of system reform and the actual effect were restricted by the reform of the imperial examination system. In this sense, the abolishment of the imperial examination system in 1905 accelerated the process and promoted the fulfillment of the system reform of academy of classical learning which started from 1901, thus putting an end to the existence of the academy of classical learning in China.

Keywords: imperial examination system; reform of academy of academy of classical learning; candidate in training; admitted scholar; Western learning; school

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