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Sixteen outstanding students of the Faculty of Education, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, have been awarded the Scholarship for Prospective English Teachers 2015/16 by the Education Bureau of the HKSAR Government. Ten of the award-receiving students are studying the B.A. (English Studies) and B.Ed. (English Language Education) Co-terminal Double Degree Programme; while the other six award-receiving students come from the Postgraduate Diploma in Education Programme. Since the launching of the Scholarship by the Education Bureau in 2010/11, there have been 85 English Studies and English Language Education and 33 Postgraduate Diploma in Education Programme students receiving the Scholarship.

The Scholarship for Prospective English Teachers is set up by the Education Bureau to enhance the professionalism of English teachers in Hong Kong. It aims to attract persons proficient in English to pursue relevant local bachelor degree programmes and/or teacher training programmes, which will qualify them to become English teachers on graduation. Awardees have to undertake to teach English full-time in primary or secondary schools in Hong Kong (day schools offering a formal curriculum) upon graduation.