Journal of Beijing Normal University (Social Science Edition)

No. 1 , Pages 96 - 98 , 2004

Beijing Need Construction of a Model Culture (Article written in chinese)

XU Jialu


As the leading model of the whole country, Beijing should also construct a model culture. To accomplish this goal, four aspects should be noticed. First, the people must be conscious of the Beijing culture, her past, present and future. Secondly, the substantial, middle and superficial cultures should all be emphasized. The substantial need profound study by scholars. The superficial should be handed to the market. The middle culture need government’s guide. Thirdly, the three key cultures should be administrated, that is, school culture especially college culture, local community culture and market culture. Finally, three gaps must be bridged, that is, the gaps between the elites and the masses, leaders and common people, and experts and laypeople.

Keywords: model culture; cultural consciousness; cultural stratum; important points of culture

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