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The Faculty of Education, as a leading centre in professional education and research, seeks to develop a vibrant academic community through dedication, dialogue, and leadership in teaching, research and public service that will enhance its contribution to the education profession, the scholarly community, schools and societies in Hong Kong, the Greater China region, as well as to the international community


With commitment, the Faculty will strive:

  • to provide a platform for intellectual dialogue that facilitates collaborative inquiry for the integration of ideas and practices and the constant renewal of education in Hong Kong, China as a whole, and the wider world community;
  • to preserve, create, apply and disseminate knowledge by teaching, research and public service in education and related fields;
  • to nurture dedicated professionals and competent researchers for the field of education through its programmes of study;
  • to initiate research activities of import that facilitate theory-building, shape professional practice, and inform policy making in education;
  • to engage with schools and the community in development endeavours that enhance the learning and growth opportunities of students of all ages;
  • to offer consultancy and development services to governments and non-official bodies in endeavours of local, national and international significance;
  • to serve as a source of inspiration and wisdom for students, alumni, teachers and clients by developing a vibrant academic community that celebrates collegiality, diversity, innovation and experimentation.