How-to For Teachers

[ What's New ]

[ CUHK Office 365 ]

  1. Microsoft OneDrive for Business FAQ

[ e-Learning platform ]

  1. Blackboard Tutorial - Quick Guide
  2. Blackboard FAQ
  3. Blackboard Quick Reference (From ITSC)
  4. Self-paced "Mastering the Basic" online course

[ Account ]

  1. How to apply the Campus-Wide Email Account ?
  2. How to apply for Faculty Network Account if I am a new staff?
  3. How to apply for Blackboard Account if I am a new FT staff?
  4. How to apply for Blackboard Account if I am a new PT staff?
  5. Can I apply for an homepage account inside Faculty for my course?
  6. I've lost the password of my Email account, what should I do?
  7. How to access my email when I travel overseas?
  8. How to access Faculty internal email outside CUHK campus ?
  9. How can I tell people I am away from Hong Kong when they send me an email?

[ RemoteAccess ]

  1. How to connect to CUHK campus network through Broad-Band connection? (Provided by ITSC, CUHK)
  2. How to read my email when I was away from Hong Kong?

[ General Computer ]

  1. How-to about our Sharp notebook (Faculty Intranet).
  2. How-to about our HP printers 3100? (Faculty Intranet)
  3. How to convert document(s) to Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) ?
  4. How to automate the categorization of your email in Microsoft Outlook?
  5. Reduce incoming virus notifications
  6. CKC 2002 Chinese Input Method
  7. About the Faculty Ricoh Aficio MP5500 copier
  8. Anti-spam in the Faculty of Education
  9. Disabling LAN Sync in Dropbox

[ Misc. ]

  1. Is there any kind of channels that I can make more people know about my seminar/message ?

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