The doctoral degree programmes exemplify our fine tradition of academic vigour and quality. A strong research ethos and rich course offerings support professional endeavour and scholarly inquiry into a variety of key educational fields. Our doctoral degree programmes aim to enlighten and educate current and future leaders in the education profession. The specialised areas of study available, help students develop understanding in relevant areas of their particular interest. The programmes prepare students for leadership positions in educational administration, curriculum development, human development, policy analysis, educational research, and teaching in schools and tertiary institutions.

The Faculty of Education offers two doctoral programmes for the degrees of Doctor of Education (EdD) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). The EdD is a profession-specific doctorate that combines the strengths of coursework and supervised research to achieve a deep understanding of critical aspects in defined areas of study. The PhD is a research doctorate that places emphasis on supervised research that facilitates the application of theories and methods for the independent conduct of educational inquiry.