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Programme Description
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Since we first offered a Doctor of Philosophy Degree programme in 1990, graduates have filled key positions as educational researchers and professional educators in the school and tertiary education sectors both in Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland. Graduates also serve in national research institutes, government research units, and education-related institutions and services. Our PhD programme's emphasis on conceptual originality, academic rigour, and critical inquiry is widely recognised throughout the education profession.

The PhD is a research doctorate that is pursued mainly through individual guided study with some supplementary coursework. PhD students pursue their scholarly interests under the guidance of scholars who are appointed to enlighten, direct, and evaluate in accordance with international standards and the PhD programme provides opportunity for promising individuals to pursue intensive specialisation in a specified area of educational studies. Their efforts in critical review of literature, formulation of ideas, research construction, and theory building will benefit from a variety of activities that include research seminars, coursework, comprehensive examination, and guided research for thesis.