Programme Description

Early childhood education has been targeted by both the mainland Chinese and Hong Kong governments as a major area of expansion. Educators working in kindergartens, child care centres and related sponsoring bodies are charged with leading school-based improvements, and are increasingly held accountable for their success. Kindergartens and child care centres must develop and drive their own quality programmes in line with global trends and local needs. This programme is designed to provide innovative and energetic early childhood educators with both the theoretical and applied knowledge and skills needed to lead successful improvements of early childhood education and to nurture children attain a balanced development.

The objectives of this programme are to:

  1. promote an in-depth understanding of the literature of whole child development and how it applies to early childhood education in Hong Kong and elsewhere;
  2. examine the types of leadership necessary for principals, mid-level leaders, teachers and other educators to lead pre-schools successfully towards improved student development and learning outcomes;
  3. develop knowledge-sharing and professional learning networks;
  4. critically review the issues involved in the reform of and policies and practices related to early childhood education; and
  5. produce educators who are proactive in facilitating school-based curriculum and teaching reforms and institutional improvement.