General Qualifications for Admission
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Who Should Apply

Applicants for the full-time programme should be graduates of an early childhood education, psychology, education or other relevant programme.

Applicants for the part-time programme should be serving pre-school principals, supervisors, teachers, school development consultants or government officials, although applicants who have no relevant professional experience but have taken specialised courses in equivalent programmes offered by recognised institutions may also apply. In addition, applicants should preferably hold a Postgraduate Diploma in Education / Certificate in Kindergarten Education or its equivalent are the preferred applicants.

General Qualifications for Admission

Applicants should fulfil the following requirements for admission::

  1. hold the following degree or academic qualifications:

    • graduated from a recognised university and obtained a Bachelor¡¦s degree, normally with honours not lower than Second Class; or
    • graduated from an honours programme of a recognised university with a Bachelor¡¦s degree, normally achieving an average grade of not lower than ¡§B¡¨; or
    • completed a course of study in a tertiary educational institution and obtained professional or similar qualifications equivalent to an honours degree.
  2. pass an entrance examination or interview conducted by the Graduate Division of Education;
  3. fulfil the "English Language Proficiency Requirement" as stipulated by the Graduate School. Please refer to the "Postgraduate Prospectus 2019 - 2020" or website: for details on this requirement.