Specialised Streams

Comprehensive School Guidance

Main focus on the application of individual and group counselling practice in diverse human service systems.


Main focus on the design and implementation of guidance and counselling programmes in schools.

  • To help participants acquire a broad spectrum of theoretical knowledge in counselling, including major systems of counselling, counselling process, and specific counselling interventions.
  • To help participants develop effective counselling skills so as to work with clients in diverse settings.
  • To provide supervised practicum experience for participants, so participants could integrate theory and practice through working closely with a supervisor.
  • To facilitate the personal growth and professional development of participants, and to help participants develop their own theoretical perspective in counselling.


Special Needs
  Main focus on understanding and helping students with special behavioral and emotional needs (e.g. attention and behavior-related difficulties).  
  • To equip educational and counselling professionals to work with students who have diverse behavioral / emotional / learning needs.
  • To develop a comprehensive perspective on special / diverse educational needs of students in school settings.
  • To understand how behavior, emotional, and learning-related difficulties among school children are related to an array of psychological, educational, and contextual factors.
  • To acquire skills necessary for working with diverse students, including developmentally-appropriate psychological and instructional strategies consistent with the idiosyncratic needs of students.