Belgian Revolution, 1830


MC Questions:


Q1. Which country Belgium was forced to join with in the Vienna Settlement (1815)?

A)   Holland

B)    Poland

C)    Germany

D)   Piedmont


Q2. What’s the main purpose to form the United Netherlands in 1815?

A)   Maintain balance of power in Eastern Europe

B)    Restore the legitimacy of Bourbon rule

C)    Stir up nationalism and liberalism

D)   Create a buffer State against a resurgent France


Q3. What is the official language of United Netherlands?

A)   French

B)    Dutch

C)    English

D)   Chinese


Q4. What religion did Belgian believe in?

A)   Catholic

B)    Protestant

C)    Buddhism

D)   Catholic and Protestant


Q5.Which countries wanted to suppress the Belgian revolution?

A)   France and Britain

B)    Russia and Austria

C)    France and Russia

D)   Prussia and Britain