A Glimpse of the Needs Analysis

In July 2002 the Education Bureau (formerly known as the Education Department) announced that from 2004/05 all newly appointed principals will need to attain the 'Certification for Principalship'. One of the key components of the CFP, as shown in the figure, is the completion of a personal leadership needs analysis.

The Needs Analysis is an integral component of a broader policy designed to improve both the performance and preparedness of future school leaders in Hong Kong. The needs analysis strategy assumes that future leaders will be charged with implementing school-based management leading to school improvement and be dedicated to the notion of life-long learning.

The framework underpinning the Needs Analysis focuses on a prioritised collection of knowledge, skills, attributes and values considered necessary for future leadership in Hong Kong schools. The identified knowledge, skills, attitudes and values are not intended to portray an exhaustive description of what Aspiring Principals need, rather, they represent a prioritised collection for guiding the analysis process.

Benefits of Involvement