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1.   What criteria will be taken into consideration when assessing the applicants?

We will consider applicants on the basis of the relevancy of their Bachelor’s degrees to the major subjects applied for, academic performance, public examination results, work experiences, participation in extra-curricular activities and the performance in admission interviews and/or written tests, if applicable.

2.   Can I apply for more than 1 programme*?

Applicants can apply for more than 1 programme; however, they should submit separate applications and supporting documents. Applications will be assessed independently based on the above mentioned admission criteria.

*Different major subjects/different study modes or streams of the same major subject are regarded as different programmes.

3.   Can I apply if my Bachelor’s degree is conferred by a non-local university?

Applicants whose Bachelor’s degree is conferred by a non-local university may be required to provide the “Report for Qualifications Assessment” issued by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications, which advises that the totality of their educational qualification meets the standard of a local Bachelor’s degree.

4.   What is the major difference between Teaching and Non-teaching modes of the two-year part-time       programmes?

5.   How do I submit supporting documents after completing online application?

Applicants should mail / fax (2603 6129) / submit in person copies of supporting documents (stating clearly the application number) to the Programme Office or upload to application homepage (https://serverg.fed.cuhk.edu.hk/Onlineapp/Upload/default.html) within 5 days after completing the online application. Please submit the supporting documents on time; otherwise, we cannot proceed with your application. Submission via email is not accepted. Underpaid mail submitted by post will be rejected.

Address of the Programme Office:
G1, Ho Tim Building, Faculty of Education
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, N.T.
(Application for PGDE programme)

Note: Due to a large number of applications we receive, enquires by telephone or other means regarding the receipt of applications/documents will not be entertained. If necessary, we will contact the applicants.

6.   When will the admission interviews/written tests be held? Do all applicants need to attend the       interviews/written tests?

Admission interviews/written tests will normally be held from mid-January to end of May. Shortlisted applicants, both local and non-local, are required to attend face-to-face interviews/written tests at CUHK Campus. Overseas applicants have to consider whether they are able to attend the interviews/written tests during the above mentioned period. Applicants are advised to check their email and this website for the updates.

1.   When and where will the classes be held?
All classes are held at CUHK Campus. The academic year starts in September, with Term 1 and Term 2. Summer courses may be offered by individual programmes. Classes are usually offered:
Full-time programmes
In the daytime on Monday to Friday, with some in the evenings or on Saturday mornings.
Part-time programmes
In the evenings of Monday to Friday (lessons start at 6:30 p.m.), and on Saturday mornings.

2.   What is the medium of instruction?
Classes are conducted in Chinese and English. Students should be proficient in Chinese and English.

3.   Can I take minor? What are the criteria for taking minor?
Minor is not a required course and students are allowed to take only ONE minor. Students may apply for taking minor after the term commences. Each minor has a quota limit and selection criteria are based on students’ major/minor in university studies and/or public exam results, e.t.c.

Teaching Practice
1.   What is the arrangement of teaching practice (TP)?
Full-time Programmes

Students are required to complete a 10-week TP within the study period. Students (except English majors) will have two blocks of TP and each block lasts for five weeks (including preparation week). English majors will have one block of TP in the second term. Each student will be assigned to a TP school by the Faculty. Experienced teachers in TP schools will be invited to act as Teaching Advisers to provide students with guidance and supervision within the entire TP period.

Part-time Programmes

Students will carry out TP at their serving schools throughout the two years of study. If a teaching post is not secured during their study, students may be required to apply for deferred admission or suspension of studies. Students are required to look for a teaching practice school at their own accord.


Students admitted via non-teaching mode should complete 2 blocks of 4-5 consecutive weeks of TP within 2 years, and complete the first block in their first year of study. Teaching practice schools will be arranged by the TP Office and students should make themselves available for the assigned TP period.

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