Course Information

Course Information
Summary of Course Schedule Course Description (Last update on: July 23, 2020)

Admission Result

Admission Result


Gifted and talented students often have special educational needs and learning styles. The Summer Program for the Gifted and Talented 2020 is designed to provide diverse stimulating and highly challenging out-of-school learning opportunities for gifted students, and aims to help them explore and develop their talents and potential in an enriched learning environment.

Program Content

(1) Courses and Workshops for Students

A wide variety of courses and workshops are open to application for Primary 3 through Secondary 6 students. Instructors are professors and lecturers of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, experienced teachers in gifted education, and experts in different professions. Small class size will be maintained to ensure active participation and individual attention from instructors. All assessments, courses, workshops and seminars are held at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, N.T. (except for camps, field trips and specified venues). For details, please see the Course Description (Chinese version only).

(2) Parent Activity

Seminars, workshops, and sharing & discussion groups are offered for parents to help them better understand and nurture their gifted children. Seminars titled "Gifted Education and Related Resources in Hong Kong" will be offered. For further details of the seminars, please refer to the last page of the Course Description. For other parent activities, please visit Current Activities (Parents).


All assessments, seminars, courses and workshops (except for camps, field trips and specified venues) are held at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, N.T.


Applicants may apply for admission to one or more courses according to their grade levels and interests. Those who want to attend two or more courses must submit separate applications, and avoid taking courses conducted at the same time (please refer to the Summary of Course Schedulefor the dates and time of the courses.

Application package and other information can be downloaded from this webpage or obtained in person at the PGT office. Application could be completed by the following ways:-

By PostSend the completed application form, cheque(s) and supplmentary documents by post to "Program for the Gifted and Talented, Faculty of Education, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, N.T."
Apply OnlineFill in the electronic form , upload the required documents, and choose to pay the application fee online
DeadlineMay 11, 2020 (We are unable to process late applications)


Application FeeA non-refundable fee of HK$250 is to be paid upon submission of each application. Students from families receiving CSSA are exempted from application fee.
Tuition FeeTuition fee for each course varies. Please refer to the Course Description (Chinese Version Only) for details
Parent Seminar FeePlease refer to Latest News on the PGT website for the most updated parent activities


Applicants who require financial assistance are invited to apply for PGT scholarships. Decision of award and the amount to be awarded will depend on the applicant’s family financial situation, and will not exceed three-fourths of the tuition fee. Scholarship applications are assessed independently from program admissions.


All applicants who had been admitted by the Program before, no matter when, will be exempted for the written assessment this time and directly entered into the selection process. The admission lists will be announced in late June. All new or attempted but not yet admitted applicants(named “new applicants” below) will be arranged to do a task at home for assessment. The details of the arrangement and assessment paper will be sent to all new applicants by email and post on 23rd May (Saturday). If the applicant has NOT received the Assessment Notification by 23rd May, please contact us.


Each application will be examined carefully by the PGT Admission Committee. Selection for admission is based on the applicant’s school recommendation, evidence demonstrating the applicant’s talents and potential (such as awards, prizes, or other recognitions), school performance, public examination results, the PGT written assessment results, and the courses and/or workshops applied. Application results will be announced on the PGT website in late June 2020. Applicants will also be individually notified of their application results in writing.