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吴本韩博士, 专业顾问, 课程与教学学系

As an advocator of constructivism, I encourage my students to discuss and reflect based on their own experiences. Quite often, these activities can generate new ideas about teaching and learning, and can also show how and where my teaching could be improved. To be frank, I am still learning to teach.

唐欣怡博士, 讲师, 教育行政与政策学系


伍斐然教授, 副教授, 教育心理学系

I emphasize three elements in my teaching. First, it is important for students to apply the knowledge they learned in class to their real-life situations. Second, I believe in empowering students by giving them autonomy in the learning process. Third, I value diversity and emphasize interpersonal respect in the classroom.

张善婷小姐, 讲师, 体育运动科学系

To nurture the young in striving for excellence with core values in education, I inspire students to equip themselves relevant capabilities and morality which would enable them to lead a meaningful life and to contribute to the society.

李志良先生, 高级讲师, 体育部