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校董錦囊 (2006) Tips for School Managers (2006)
校董手冊 (2006) School Managers' Handbook (2006)
學校行政手冊 (2017/18學年) School Administration Guide (2017/18)
設有法團校董會的資助學校財務管理指引 (2017) Guide to Financial Management for Aided Schools Operated by Incorporated Management Committees (2017)
法團校董會責任保險計劃 Incorporated Management Committee Liability Insurance Policy (IMCLIP)
人事管理 (2013) Personnel Management (2013)
教育局通告第 10/2017 號善用教學人力資源 (For Programme B only) Education Bureau Circular No. 10/2017 Optimising the Use of Teaching Manpower Resources
教師及校長專業發展委員會網 (新) Committee on Professional Development of Teachers and Principals (COTAP) website (New)
教師及校長專業發展委員會進度報告2015 (新) Progress Report 2015 of Committee on Professional Development of Teachers and Principals (COTAP) (New)
課程發展議會 (For Programme B only) Curriculum Development Council
衞生署「健康飲食在校園」運動」網 (新) Department of Health '' Campaign (New)
學校處理投訴指引 (2016) (新) Guidelines for Handling School Complaints (Revised version) (2016) (New)
優化學校投訴管理計劃 (新) Project on Enhancement of Complaint Management in Schools (New)
教育條例 Education Ordinance
教育規例 Education Regulations
資助學校資助則例 (2016) (新) Code of Aid for Aided Schools (2016) (New)
資助則例 (2017) (新) Codes of Aid (2017) (New)
受資助機構企業管治指引 (第二版)(2015) Guide to Corporate Governance for Subvented Organizations (2nd edition)(2015)
法團校董會的設立及運作 (2006) Incorporated Management Committee - Establishment and Operation (2006)
Remarks: Please visit EDB's website for the most updated version of the documents.
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