Programme Aims

  • Nurture professional teachers of mathematics who are both well versed in the subject of mathematics and professionally competent in mathematics education
  • Facilitate students’ development of transferable skills related problem-solving, critical and independent thinking as well as effective communication
  • Equip students with the ability to assume leadership roles in mathematics teaching


Programme Features

  • Interdisciplinary Programme
    This interdisciplinary full-time programme is offered by the Faculty of Education, in collaboration with the Department of Mathematics.

  • Double Major
    Upon successful completion of the programme, graduates will be awarded a Bachelor of Education Degree in Mathematics and Mathematics Education.

  • Theory-Practice Integration
    The Programme emphasizes training in both theoretical and practical work. Courses cover the subject knowledge and applications of Mathematics, Mathematics Teaching Methodology, Education Studies, Teaching Practice etc.

  • Research Experience
    The research experience is a culmination of the subject knowledge and undergraduate experience – demonstrating the wide-ranging development of students’ capabilities.

  • School Experience
    Students will visit different educational institutes to learn about various school settings and teachers’ responsibilities. During School Attachment, they will be required to stay in secondary schools as normal teachers to participate in and observe classroom and school activities from perspectives of both teachers and students.

  • Teaching Experience
    Students will be assigned to secondary schools to conduct Teaching Practice. Experienced teachers of the practicum schools will act as Teaching Advisers to provide students with guidance and supervision during the Teaching Practice period.


Professional Qualifications

  • Graduates will be awarded a Bachelor of Education Degree in Mathematics and Mathematics Education including a qualification equivalent to a Postgraduate Diploma in Education. Graduates will be qualified to teach in secondary schools.


Career Prospects

  • Graduates will be qualified to teach in secondary schools and will have the abilities and competence to take up leading roles in mathematics teaching. Graduates with the knowledge and skills developed in this programme may also pursue a career in a wide range of professions such as science and technology, finance and banking, civil service, publishing etc.