Student Sharing

In summer 2016, I was fortunate to join the Minor in Entrepreneurship(MIE) summer exchange programme in Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. Despite this was just a relatively short exchange experience, with less than two months in Singapore, but it does not mean I had experienced little, NTU had placed me in an academically stimulating environment that was both culturally enriching and socially fulfilling. I had gone through a lot of new challenges and learnt a lot from them.... []


My six months exchange at UCLA was the most life-changing experience I have ever had. Not only did I immerse myself in an independent English learning environment, I also engaged in various pedagogical exposure including teaching internship and voluntary teaching.... []


I am blessed to be students in BMED. The well planned program covered a broad range of courses which guided me to answer questions like “WHAT to teach” and “HOW to teach”; conversations between passionate classmates and helpful teachers also gave me courage and directions to face the uncertain future. The teaching-related experiences provided by program had given me chances to put theory into practice and forced me to seek the meaning behind teaching: .... [



The program allowed me to explore the culture of Edinburgh, learn English and get along with local people.

Learning in The University of Edinburgh was much more relax than that in Hong Kong. Classes were conducted in small-class teaching that everyone had chances to speak English in class and teacher could give immediate responses. Teachers were energetic and made every lesson had lots of fun. They encouraged us to speak more and involved actively in class by using amazing English games to attract us. As a student major in education, I was fully appreciated their teaching skills and styles which I learnt a lot from them... []


Time goes swiftly, and finally, it comes to the end of my study as an undergraduate at CUHK. I will never forget the fruitful journey of studying at the BMED (Bachelor of Education in Mathematics and Mathematics Education). Not only did the programme equip me to become a professional teacher with sound academic and pedagogical background, but it also gave me a lot of opportunities to develop my potentials, brought me insights to reflect on myself, and filled my life with more colours.... []


Throughout the 4 years, I have been offered numerous chances such as school attachment and teaching practice, to teach, observe and experience in different schools.  This makes me develop into a fully-devoted teacher.  The mathematics education courses have been useful, comprehensive and well-structured, taught by experienced, conscientious and professional teachers.... [