Student Sharing

Time goes swiftly, and finally, it comes to the end of my study as an undergraduate at CUHK. I will never forget the fruitful journey of studying at the BMED (Bachelor of Education in Mathematics and Mathematics Education). Not only did the programme equip me to become a professional teacher with sound academic and pedagogical background, but it also gave me a lot of opportunities to develop my potentials, brought me insights to reflect on myself, and filled my life with more colours.

The programme served as an excellent platform to gather students who share the same vision here. In the past few years of study, I met lots of friends who are passionate at teaching. We played together and studied together. We had a lot of joyful moments when we did the educational projects and made different teaching aids together. I will definitely miss the sincere discussions and supports that we gave to each other during the teaching practice.


The programme has also broadened my horizon. I would like to thank Dr. Qiaoping Zhang and Dr. Sally Wan for bringing me to an international conference (23rd ICMI Study) and a poster presentation (CUHK Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo) respectively. These experiences have certainly inspired me a lot on teaching.

All in all, CUHK Education is undoubtedly a marvelous place for us to pursue our dreams!