Student Sharing

A Wonderful Experience in The University of Edinburgh

The program allowed me to explore the culture of Edinburgh, learn English and get along with local people.  

Learning in The University of Edinburgh was much more relax than that in Hong Kong. Classes were conducted in small-class teaching that everyone had chances to speak English in class and teacher could give immediate responses. Teachers were energetic and made every lesson had lots of fun. They encouraged us to speak more and involved actively in class by using amazing English games to attract us. As a student major in education, I was fully appreciated their teaching skills and styles which I learnt a lot from them.

For the cultural aspect, I explored the Scottish culture through participating in various social programs and visiting different scenic spots in Scotland. I have joined the city tour, the trip to Highlands and the Isle of Skye, Scottish Ceilidh dancing party, some talks and visited National Gallery.

Moreover, I had a good relationship with my host family and I really missed them. In general, my hosts are extremely nice. My host mum (Caroline) took good care of me, for examples, by giving me two extra blankets and turning on the heater for me even it was in summer as she saw that I had always worn a jacket. Besides, she cooked very well just like dinning in a western restaurant, making foods that suit my taste. I have not expected to have hot food every day. Moreover, my host dad (Peter) drove me in the first few days so as to let me familiarize myself with the bus route. Through our communication every night, I can know more about Edinburgh and their living style. I had shared with them what happened in Hong Kong in return. Overall, I was stayed in a family with love and warm. Though I felt cold all the time in Edinburgh, my heart was always warm.

To me, I become more confident to speak English after this program and I am independent to handle challenges by myself.