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    To say I had butterflies in my stomach would be an understatement; I had no idea what to expect and being alone in a foreign country all felt very overwhelming and daunting. ‘What if’ questions consumed my mind.  What if I don’t get into my classes?  What if I don’t make any friends?  What if my roommate and I don’t get along?  What if going on exchange turns out to be a huge mistake?


    My worries soon became the most beautiful and fun memories that I’ll cherish for a long time. I’m forever grateful to have had the opportunity; it made me a changed person.  From the people to the experiences, it was everything I had hoped for and more.  Every day, I wasn’t just living – I was thriving.


    And looking back now, I want nothing more than to have those butterflies again.

    Ma Yu Sum (Admitted in 2017; Exchanged to Yonsei University in 2019-20 Term 1)
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    Through participating in a term-long exchange programme in Singapore, I have learnt to appreciate multiculturalism and embrace diverse values.  Also, I have gained a better understanding of the education system in Singapore.  Similar to Hong Kong, Singapore is often seen as Asia’s economic powerhouse.  Yet, the little red dot has a lot to offer in terms of cuisine and cultural heritage as well.  My exchange experience has definitely widened my perspective towards different cultures and religions.  I am truly grateful for this opportunity to study overseas and meet friends from all over the world.

    Gladys Lam (Admitted in 2017; Exchanged to Nanyang Technological University in 2019-20 Term 1)
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    On the first semester of my third year, I went on an exchange to the Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.  It is truly the best decision I have ever made to enjoy and enrich my university life.  Other than the very proactive and immersive learning atmosphere that Monash provides, I have also fell in love with the unique brunch culture and the multi-cultural dynamics that this seven-time winner of the world’s most liveable city has to offer.  The road trip to the Great Ocean Road, wine tour along the Yarra Valley, the exhibition in the National Gallery of Victoria, weekly parties at the local bar, and the friendships made along the way are memories that I will always treasure.  I am grateful for this exchange opportunity and strongly recommend everyone not to hesitate to embark on their own exchange journey.

    Denise So (Admitted in 2017; Exchanged to Monash University in 2019-20 Term 1)
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    As introduced by the ELED Programme Coordinator, studying abroad would broaden one’s horizons, equip one with a global mindset, and allow possibilities and opportunities for English improvements.  These are especially crucial for an English Education major like me.  Joining York University allowed me to embrace the learning atmosphere in a multi-cultural country of Canada.  In particular, I was inspired by foreign students’ proactive learning attitude.  Their intrinsic motivation to look for learning opportunities and participation are qualities that I want my future students to cultivate.

    Thomas Lui (Admitted in 2016; Exchanged to York University in 2018-19 Term 2)
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    Having stayed in this multicultural country for a semester, I could not have believed this unexpectedly fabulous exchange opportunity in York University has marked a great part of my university.  This memorable experience enables me to study English from a native speaker’s perspective, while contemplating upon the education differences in two places.  Despite my character of being introverted and taciturn, the place with friends is always a comfort zone for me to speak up comfortably and confidently.  Most importantly, in this egalitarian society, I learn that in whichever course of my life respect and empathy would lead me to a better educator, and above all a better part in our home.

    Michael Lam (Admitted in 2016; Exchanged to York University in 2018-19 Term 2)
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    The semester in the Universidad de Monterrey has been the best experience of my life. I participated in different activities, such as parties, hiking journeys, nature adventures, soccer matches and community services for the local children. I met a lot of people from Mexico as well as all parts of the world and I have become close friends with many of them. Mexicans and Latin Americans are so welcoming and warm that they always make me feel at home. Since I was the only exchange student from Hong Kong and my Spanish level was very basic at that time, it was quite hard in the beginning to adapt, but later I was extremely grateful because this pushed me into completely stepping out of my comfort zone and enjoying my exchange experience to the fullest. I have definitely grown into a better person with my horizon widened and a more optimistic attitude.

    Choco Lo (Admitted in 2016; Exchanged to Universidad de Monterrey in 2018-19 Term 2)