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    As introduced by the ELED Programme Coordinator, studying abroad would broaden one’s horizons, equip one with a global mindset, and allow possibilities and opportunities for English improvements.  These are especially crucial for an English Education major like me.  Joining York University allowed me to embrace the learning atmosphere in a multi-cultural country of Canada.  In particular, I was inspired by foreign students’ proactive learning attitude.  Their intrinsic motivation to look for learning opportunities and participation are qualities that I want my future students to cultivate.

    Thomas Lui (Admitted in 2016; Exchanged to York University in 2018-19 Term 2)
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    Through activities from visits to a variety of schools, discussions with friends from different cultural and education background, to presentations about myself as a cultural ambassador to local student, I could not only grasp a more comprehensive image of the Finnish education, but also gain a more in-depth understanding towards different cultures and perspectives. More importantly, this exchange experience had given me a precious opportunity to contemplate upon myself and my prospects, and therefore, to make corresponding improvements and actions after returning to Hong Kong.

    Bonnie Yong (Admitted in 2016; Exchanged to University of Helsinki in 2018-19 Term 1)
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    It has been a rewarding experience working abroad as an ESL teacher.  Teaching young children who share a different first language with me pushes me out of my comfort zone and motivates me to explore different teaching methodology.  Apart from refining my professional qualities, immersing in a totally different culture has also opened the doors to a deeper understanding of our world.  Working abroad definitely broadens my horizons by showing me all the possibilities out there waiting for me to explore.  I now have adventures to take on and stories to share with my students.

    Seraph Luk (Admitted in 2014; Participated in the Global Internship Program in Spain in Summer of 2017-2018)
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    Being able to study abroad is one of the most unforgettable experience in my life.  I met a lot of international friends and learnt to be more independent.  Through talking to people from all around the world, it indeed broadens my horizons.  I think one of the benefits you can get from studying abroad is becoming more confident and optimistic!  Of course you may face difficulties when you study abroad, but I am sure that it is definitely worth the cost.

    Madison Hung (Admitted in 2016; Exchanged to Ewha Womans University in 2018-19)
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    The semester in the Universidad de Monterrey has been the best experience of my life. I participated in different activities, such as parties, hiking journeys, nature adventures, soccer matches and community services for the local children. I met a lot of people from Mexico as well as all parts of the world and I have become close friends with many of them. Mexicans and Latin Americans are so welcoming and warm that they always make me feel at home. Since I was the only exchange student from Hong Kong and my Spanish level was very basic at that time, it was quite hard in the beginning to adapt, but later I was extremely grateful because this pushed me into completely stepping out of my comfort zone and enjoying my exchange experience to the fullest. I have definitely grown into a better person with my horizon widened and a more optimistic attitude.

    Choco Lam (Admitted in 2016; Exchanged to Universidad de Monterrey in 2018-19 Term 2)
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    Having stayed in this multicultural country for a semester, I could not have believed this unexpectedly fabulous exchange opportunity in York University has marked a great part of my university.  This memorable experience enables me to study English from a native speaker’s perspective, while contemplating upon the education differences in two places.  Despite my character of being introverted and taciturn, the place with friends is always a comfort zone for me to speak up comfortably and confidently.  Most importantly, in this egalitarian society, I learn that in whichever course of my life respect and empathy would lead me to a better educator, and above all a better part in our home.

    Michael Lam (Admitted in 2016; Exchanged to York University in 2018-19 Term 2)