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    I was most impressed by the cultural diversity on the campus of University of Queensland (UQ). I really enjoyed the supportive learning community in which you don’t have to be worried about not knowing or being uncertain about something because everyone is eager to help and learn with you. Studying overseas has trained me to be more expressive and receptive to new ideas. My exchange to UQ is a decision I will never regret making, since the experience I gained has not only enriched me as a learner but also as an individual.

    Sophy Tam (Admitted in 2016; Exchanged to University of Queensland in 2018-19 Term 1)
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    Enrolling in the exchange programme offered by Pusan National University is indeed a precious opportunity for me to immerse myself in the indigenous culture in Korea and to learn the language as well. As English is not very commonly used in Korea, foreign students would find it difficult relying in English for communication with Koreans. Overcoming the communication barriers is the greatest obstacle for me during my whole exchange experience whereas I gained much during that.

    Cynthia Tsui (Admitted in 2016; Exchanged to Pusan National University in 2018-19 Term 1)
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    Going on exchange is definitely an eye-opening experience.  The 5-month period provided me with precious opportunities to explore, experience, and embark upon new journeys.  I was able to meet people from all over the world, learn Scandinavian languages and cultures, and most importantly, develop and sharpen my life skills to become a more sensible and responsible adult.

    Zenia Chan (Admitted in 2015; Exchanged to Lund University in 2017-18 Term 2)
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    It has been a lovely experience to study aboard as an exchange student.  Meeting new people, adapting to a new environment and taking care of every minor detail of life all made me more capable of actively reflecting on my strengths and weaknesses.  It not only benefited personal growth, but also allowed more possibilities and variations into my narrow world view.

    Sandy Sin (Admitted in 2015; Exchanged to University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2017-18 Term 2)
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    I became more confident in expressing myself and making connections with other people in English after participating in activities like orientation week and English conversation group. Going on exchange in Canada also allowed me to understand the importance of embracing diversity. I could not be more grateful for this exchange experience.

    Miki Hui (Admitted in 2015; Exchanged to Queen’s University in 2017-18 Term 1)
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    Going on exchange has enriched my university life and also my person life. I learnt to adapt to an unfamiliar environment in a short time and enjoy everything Canada has to offer. Living away from home for the first time also allowed me to grow as a person, as I learnt to take care of myself in a new environment. I was able to reflect on my life and contemplate what makes a good life.

    Larissa Lam (Admitted in 2015; Exchanged to University of Waterloo in 2017-18 Term 1)