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[ What's New ]

University Wi-Fi service

[CUHK Office 365]

  1. Microsoft OneDrive for Business FAQ

[ e-Learning platform]

1. Blackboard - System
2. Blackboard - Getting Started
3. Blackboard - Student Quick Guide
4. Blackboard - On-demand Videos for Student

[ Account ]

1. How to apply the Campus-Wide Email Account ?
2. How to use Microsoft Outlook to send and receive email in CUHK?
  [For other application (Eudora, Netscape Messenger, Outlook Express), please visit for details.]
3. I've lost the password of my Email account, what should I do?
4. How can I tell people I am away from Hong Kong when they send me an email?

[ IT Lab 1 ]

1. IT Lab User manual
2. How to do video capturing with the Multimedia Capture System at IT Lab 1?
3. How to merge two movie files (MPEG files) into one file?
4. How to convert MPEG / DAT files to AVI files?
5. How to do audio file converting (dBpowerAMP) and editing (Audacity) ?
6. How to audio recording in IT Lab 1?
7. How to use the Scanner inside IT Lab 1?
8. How to use the OCR software inside IT Lab 1?
9. How to scan a 35mm film?
10. How to print documents in IT Lab 1?
11. How to use the CD-RW inside IT Lab 1?
12. How to convert document(s) to Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) ?
13. Wi-Fi Service (CUHK Wireless LAN)

[ Remote Access ]

1. How to connect to CUHK campus network through Broad-Band connection?

[ Misc. ]

1. What is the Student IT Competence Test in our University?
2. CKC 2002 Chinese Input Method

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