Research Projects

Assessments for Teaching and Learning

During the past ten years, our Centre have implemented the PISA study and accumulated ample data and findings which are important references for learning and teaching. These include the assessment frameworks of PISA, the sampled items in the previous cycles of PISA, and Hong Kong students’ performance on these items. We have been committed to putting these resources into use in teacher development. In particular, we have organized a number of teacher seminars and workshops with professional organizations in education and Curriculum Development Institute (CDI), so that teachers may have reflections and interchanges on their teaching.
In our continuous effort, we will organize teacher seminars and workshops with professional organizations in future, and will also offer on-site teacher development services at the invitation of schools. In line with the development of STEM education, we are attempting to explore innovative teaching approaches by linking up the knowledge domains of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. We are looking forward to working with all frontline educators in this connection.