Curriculum Forum

A publication of the Department of Curriculum Studies
The University of Hong Kong

Vol. 8 No. 2, 1999


1 Setting Standards for Teachers of English in Hong Kong - The Teachers' Perspective
    David CONIAM & Peter FALVEY
28 Implications of Artificial Intelligence for Secondary Mathematics Education
    NG Yui-Kin
44 Promoting Understanding and Mastery of Investigative Skills
    YIP Din-Yan & Benny Hin-Wai YUNG
60 An Analytical Approach to the Teaching of Chinese Rhythmical Prose (2) - Rhythm and Sentence Structure (Article written in Chinese)
    LI Yui-Ching
77 Education Policy Making: Continuity and Change in Hong Kong (Article written in Chinese)
    Paul MORRIS, Flora KAN, & Esther MORRIS
91 Teaching Chinese Language in the 21st Century -- a New Drive of Information Technology (Article written in Chinese)
    TSE Shek-Kam, KI Wing-Wah, & TAM Pui Yee
104 The Effectiveness of Using Computer Software for Teaching (Article written in Chinese)
    LAM Wai-Ip & TSE Shek-Kam
119 Towards a Model for the Self-Evaluation of Teaching & Learning in Schools: A Pilot Study in Design & Technology
    Marshall HUGHES
125 Information for Contributors

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