Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences

Vol. 35 No. 4 , Pages 352 - 377 , 1998

The Survey of the State and Developing Patterns Analysis of University Presses in Taiwan (Part I) (Article written in chinese)

Shu-o CHEN & Jeong-yeou CHIU


University presses are established to publish academic and regional-based works for coordinating their mother institutions to perform teaching and research tasks. Their major clients are the academic circles. Their purposes are to promote excellent scholarship and knowledge to be extensively obtained by the general public and to popularize significantly academic research achievements into the society.

This study aims at understand the present state of university presses in Taiwan. Research objectives include: investigating the foundation and the development of university presses in Taiwan; analyzing organizational structures, management patterns, and marketing policies of current university presses; inducting management plights that university presses currently face and individual counter-measures against their plights, and conducting a blueprint of future university presses in Taiwan as a reference. The scope of this study focuses on domestically public and private university presses and relevant publishing organizations; meanwhile, because of reinforcing the practicality and the reliability of this study, the author adopts the literature review, aims at four cases to execute qualitative research, and also interviews other relevant organizations of university presses by phone. The conclusion of the study is helpful to enhance the publishing function of current university presses, and offers immediately implemented methods to developing of advocated university presses. For those universities never thought of university publishing, this study acts as a catalyst.

Keywords: University press; Scholarly publishing

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