Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences

Volume 33 No. 2, pp. 131-157 (December 1995)

THE INTERNET: Opportunities and Informational Resources for All

Roy Chang

The Infommation Superhighway, or the Intemet, is now common temminology not only in the library professional community but also in our general society. It has brought excitement especially to library and infommation professionals because it means that the infommation resources available to us h ve suddenly multiplied hundreds and hundreds of times. However, it has also brought some confusion as to who should be doing what in order to optimize the functions of these newly found information resources. Most people want to know: "what is out there for me?", or "how can the Intemet benefit me?" This presentation covers an overview of what infommation resources there are on the Intemet, including e-mails, e-joumals, e-books, articles, computer programs, documents, pictures, fractals, sounds, library infommation systems, community infommation systems, industrial and govemmental documents, etc. It also gives an overview of network functions and infommation retrieval tools, such as remote login (telnet), file transfer protocol (ftp), e-mailing, Gopher, Bookmark, Veronica, Freenet, Hytelnet, World Wide Web (WWW), Wide Area Information Servers (WAIS), Archie, Online Catalogs, Talk, IRC etc. For library and infommation professionals, it presents opportunities for them to get involved in leaming and teaching the application of the network, and especially to use it for enhancing library services. To illustrate the point that a librarian can get involved in the Intemet information system, the presenter presents his personal experience in learning and teaching the Intemet over the past few

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