Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences

Volume 33 No. 2, pp. 178-208 (December 1995)

Library Planning

Shiow-jyu Lu

In order to cope with the current trends of social change, technological innovation,and knowledge economy, the management style of library has been changed, also the library administrators have tried to apply the modem management knowledge and skills to library management.

This paper is to study the application of modern management concept and techniques such as comprehensive planning, strategic planning and planning process, to the general, public, university, pecial, and school libraries ever since 1970.

This paper concludes that modem management concept and techniques are increasingly applied to library management in the past three decades. Especially the intention of applying strategic planning to library management has drawn much attention of the library specialists since 1990. To sum up, the purpose is to promote the effective management of the library and to achieve the ultimate goal of providing best services to library users.

Keywords: Library planning, Strategic planning, Library planning process, Library management

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