New Horizons

Journal of Education, Hong Kong Teachers' Association

No. 35, November 1994


Articles and Issues
Themes in Education
Quality in Teaching and the Teaching Reflection on an Occupational Group in Hong Kong * Leslie N.K. LO 1
Educational Value Orientation in Educational Reform * ZHOU Dong Su 7
The Difficult Situation of Compulsory Education in Hong Kong * HO Kwok Keung 14
Home-School Links * PANG I-wah 18
Every Teacher is a Careers Teacher Anne LEUNG 31
English Teachers' Attitudes: Comparison between the Veteran and the Novice Eva Fung-Kuen LAW 37
Curriculum and Instruction
The Expected Chinese Standards of P6 and S5 Students: A Preliminary LitErature Review * CHAN Wing Sat 43
A New Method in Teaching Chinese Writing in Primary Schools - The Whole Language Approach * TSE Shek Kam,
TANG Mei Sin,
KWAN Che Ying,
SIT Fung Ming
Which Pictures Produce the Best Student Writing? Tony M.K. LAU 59
Oral Assessment: A Case for Continuous Assessment in HKCEE Level Ian M. SMALLWOOD 68
Effective Management Skills in Teaching Physical Education * Amy HA 74
Business Students' Preferences in Learning Situations Susan CAMERON,
Priscilla CHU

Practices and Experiences
Some Key Concepts in School Mathematics - Ideas for Better Learning Ngai-Ying WONG 86
Developing Skills for Integrated Use of Labguage through Task Instructions Lucilla Chau-Yee WONG 90
Managing Tutors in Distance Education in Hong Kong James Y.W. TONG 96
Organising an English Course for Teachers in China: The 1994 Pilot Virginia Pui-Ling WONG 100

* Article in Chinese

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