Journal of Basic Education

A publication of the Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Vol. 12 No. 2 , 2003


1 Editorial: Language Across the Curriculum, Whole Language and Holistic Language Education-Initial Exploration of Organization and Approaches to Language Curriculum (Article written in Chinese)
    John C. K. Lee
13 Effects of Hypermedia Authoring on Primary Students' Creative Thinking
    Choi-man Chung and Yvonne Lai-chun Yuen
29 Hong Kong Civic Education Teachers' Understanding of Nationalistic Education (Article written in Chinese)
    Yan-wing Leung
Invited Article
57 Medium of Instruction in Schools: The Case of Canada and the United States and its Relevance for Hong Kong
    Jim Cummins


Focus: English Language Teaching
91 Foreword
    Evelyn Man
93 What Constitutes Subject Knowledge for Second Language Teaching?
    Paul Sze
125 Adapting to Teaching in the Medium of English: How are Schools Helping their Secondary One Students Cope?
    Evelyn Yee-fun Man, David Coniam, and Icy Lee
155 Promoting Use of the Internet in English Language Teaching
    Evelyn Yee-fun Man and Jenny Lim
175 Multimedia Support for Principles Related to Teaching in English Medium Schools
    David Coniam
191 Cultivating Critical Thinking Skills Through Reading with Young ESL Learners
    Man-chu Lau
211 English Syllabus, Curriculum and Textbooks for Secondary Schools in the Chinese Mainland (Article written in Chinese)
    Qi Qi

Educational Innovation
225 Using Physical Activity to Foster Children$s Creativity and Self-expression-Creative Movement (Article written in Chinese)
    Rebecca Hun-ping Cheung

News and Views from Chinese Communities
231 A Tale of Two Students$ Life Histories: What We can Learn from Using the Non-routine Mathematics Exercise Books for Empowering the Mathematics Learning (Article written in Chinese)
    Huk-yuen Law
243 New Developments in Primary English Education in China-Opportunities and Challenges
    Wang Qiang

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