Journal of Basic Education

Vol. 15 No. 2 , Pages 1 - 38 , 2006

Combining Different Ways of Learning and Teaching in a Dynamic Model of Educational Effectiveness



In educational effectiveness research evidence is provided for the importance of the learning level. This has resulted in an interest in theory, research and practice for models on effective instruction. In improvement projects these models turn out to be effective. However, the models are criticised for not paying sufficient attention to higher order knowledge and skills and new ways of learning and teaching and more constructivist ways of learning and teaching are advocated, stressing the active involvement and responsibility of the student for his or her own learning processes and outcomes. In research and improvement projects more active, independent ways of learning and teaching turn out to be successful under specified conditions. In a proposed Dynamic Model of Educational Effectiveness, a combination of different ways of learning and teaching related to the context, input and process is proposed. Suggestions will be given for the positive uses of the dynamic model for improving educational practice.

Key words: new learning, educational effectiveness, dynamic model

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