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The Department of Educational Administration and Policy is an established department with an enviable record of providing quality teaching, research and professional services to the educational communities in Hong Kong, mainland China, Asia-pacific regions and the broader international societies. Our a cademic staff members’ expertise and interest s cover the foundation disciplines of sociology, philosophy, economics, comparative education and policy studies, as well as educational leadership, management and administration. Our interests also cover different sectors of education, such as, early childhood education, elementary education, higher education and vocational education, with particular strengths in educational development in Chinese societies.


  1. The mission of the Department is to prepare collaborative, proactive and socially aware educators and educational leaders committed to improving the quality of education in a variety of shifting and increasingly diverse societal and organizational contexts. We endeavor to achieve the mission through focusing teaching on relevance, assuming leadership positions within the education community, engaging in scholarly inquiry across a broad range of policy and leadership domains and seeking to improve education policies and practices at both the system and organizational levels.
  2. We teach across a range of programmes offered by the Faculty, including the Bachelor of Education, Postgraduate Diploma in Education, Master of Education, Doctor or Education, Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy. We strive continually to improve the quality, effectiveness and relevance of our teaching. The Department has recently reviewed and restructured courses offered in the PGDE, M.Ed. and Ed.D. programs as part of its drive for continuous improvement.
  3. We are interested and active researchers. We work, both individually and collectively, to undertake large as well as small scale research projects and have been successful in acquiring substantial external competitive funds. Our interests cover various investigations and research into local, regional and international educational issues and phenomena, on a team-based, collaborative manner. The Department values and supports a large body of research students and welcomes expressions of interest from prospective students, including those from the mainland China. The Department is committed to increasing its research visibility through publications and various means of dissemination, including holding conferences, seminars, symposiums forums on focused themes, especially throughout the Asia-Pacific region.


Cheung Chi Keung

Prof. Cheung Chi Keung 
Chairperson, EAP

  1. We are also committed to contributing to the development and well-being of the education community in particular and the society in general. We do so through working closely with a broad range of professional communities, as well as schools and other educational institutions, on both a consulting way and/or a voluntary basis. We aim to maintain and enhance our contribution to students, schools and the broader educational community through active and meaningful engagement and partnership.


If you would like to learn more about us and to discuss any issues related to our Department, please feel free to get in touch with either the Department office or individual colleagues. We look forward to seeing your response .