Our Values Department Of Educational Administration & Policy Faculty of Education

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The Department is guided through reference to five values.

EAP Values


Higher standards are defined and sought across the three areas of teaching, service, and research. While we aspire rigorously to higher standards in terms of formal outputs, it is important that this also holds true for our dedication to maintain our relevance, and to support, critique and improve social and educational environments, in particular at the school level.  


High standards are supported by the Department through focused goal-setting and self-driven accountability. Goal-setting is used to clarify expectations and formalise improvement agendas in areas such as teaching and research. Personal and resource support is provided to and by Department members to aid goal achievement.  


At the Department level, transparency guides experimentation, decisions and action, including resource allocation, ensuring that members play a part in forming collective expectations. Professionalism demands the opportunity for involvement and the right to understand the reasons behind decisions.


In the light of adverse financial conditions, the fourth value is entrepreneurship. The Department strongly supports Faculty-wide and other initiatives to develop full-fee paying programs, including our Masters and Doctor of Education Programmes. Given our strong position in Hong Kong, the Mainland and the broader region, we believe that there is considerable scope for increasing our presence through taught programmes.


The four values laid out above operate under the umbrella of collective responsibility; i.e., that what we do as individuals in the Department will influence both colleagues and the Department as a whole.