Advanced Seminar in Qualitative Research Methodology

Code: PEDU 7302
Course Title: Advanced Seminar in Qualitative Research Methodology

This course is designed to cultivate the research ability of doctoral students in adopting the qualitative research approach. To achieve this aim, we place emphasis on the discussion of highly selected exemplary qualitative studies that cover diversified types. To create the condition for thorough deliberation of the reading materials, which constitutes a prerequisite for fruitful discussions, the class meetings are held every two weeks. Where appropriate, the class discussion would be supplemented by the contribution of guest speakers and hands-on research training. By way of class discussion and out-of-class activities, we shall bring out for debates major theoretical, practical, and ethical issues involved in the following decisions throughout the research process: how to design a qualitative study so as to address research questions raised at the outset, what are relevant data that could answer the research questions, how to choose appropriate research methods to collect such relevant data, how to analyse and interpret qualitative data (of various types), and how to present the collected data. Fundamental issues in conducting a qualitative study, ranging from the role of a theoretical or conceptual framework, through the access to subjective, intersubjective, and objective knowledge, to the establishment of its validity and reliability, will also be deliberated.