Educational Change in Chinese Societies

Code: PEDU 6213
Course Title: Educational Change in Chinese Societies

The aim of this course is to illuminate major issues of educational change in Chinese societies. For the purpose of this course, “Chinese societies” will mainly refer to the Chinese Mainland, but will also touch upon Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. It attempts to unravel the web of historic, political, social, and cultural forces that have shaped educational change in these societies. At the core of examination is an analysis of nationhood, colonial rule, globalization and their impact on educational purposes. The scope of discussion will embody topics of interests that are commonly found in Chinese societies. Major concerns of this course include aims of education, structure and process of schooling, educational planning and finance, quality and equality of education, curriculum reform, teacher development and teacher education, and adult and nonformal education. The focus of discussion will mainly be on educational change in the Chinese Mainland, while relevant experiences in other Chinese societies will provide supplementary insights for reflection.