Planning and Finance in Education

Code: PEDU 6212
Course Title: Planning and Finance in Education

This course aims to introduce students to basic economic concepts, principles and theoriesto be used for analysis of outcomes and resources in education. It attempts to uncover theeffects and resource considerations of education on the individual as well as the society as awhole in the long run. At the core of the course are: (1) theoretical foundations with187particular reference to human capital theory and its alternative views and theories, educationand economic growth, education and labor market, education and economic convergence, (2)the policy relevancy with particular reference to issues such as financing of education, costanalysis, concept and measurement of value-added in education, incentives policy andeducational productivity, and (3) the use of resources at national, district and school levelswith particular reference to the criteria and models of educational grants, budgeting andfinancial planning for change, and (re)allocation and utilization of teaching resources forquality school education. The focus of discussion will mainly be on the relating of relevanttheories and research findings to policy issues, while relevant principles and experience willbe illustrated for school consideration and implementation.