Master of Education (Educational Administration and Policy Studies)

This programme is specially designed for educators interested in broadening their horizon of complex issues pertaining to educational system and in exploring ways in which they can make a positive difference in educational administration and policy. The programme assumes that leadership resides in and operates across various levels of the educational system – from teachers, principals, policy analysts, to officials– and addresses significant issues relevant to the public. Using a range of experiential and grounded approaches to learning, the programme enhances students’ conceptual and analytical skills that are essential for a comprehensive and critical understanding of the debates surrounding current education policies and practices and their wider implications for the society.

Study Scheme

Students are required to complete a total of 30 units for graduation.

Master of Education (Educational Administration and Policy Studies) Units
Required Courses (4 courses) 12
PEDU 6011 Administrative and Organizational Theory
PEDU 6205 Effective School Leadership
PEDU 6209 Policy Studies in Education
PEDU 6211 Education and Development in International Perspectives
Elective Courses
Core Electives (within department) (2 – 4 courses) 6 – 12
PEDU 6206 Managing Change in Schools
PEDU 6207 Building Learning Communities
PEDU 6208 Current Issues in Educational Administration and Policy
PEDU 6210 Educational Policy and Society
PEDU 6212 Planning and Finance in Education
PEDU 6213 Educational Change in Chinese Societies
PEDU 6214 Special Topics in Educational Administration and Policy
Electives from other departments/ programmes of the Faculty of Education (0 – 3 courses) 0 – 9
Methods of Educational Research (2 courses) 3
Research Report 0 – 9
Total 30