Academic Staff

WONG Lai-ngok, Jocelyn

Associate Professor & Assistant Dean (Student Affairs)

WONG Lai-ngok, Jocelyn

B.A., PGDE. M. Phil., (CUHK); PhD (Sydney)

Served as secondary school teacher and Chinese History subject head teacher, Assistant Project Manager, lecturer, Post-doctoral fellow at the University of Hong Kong, Assistant Professor at National Institute of Education of Singapore and Hong Kong Institute of Education. Courses taught include Education reform in Chinese societies, Teacher development and leadership and Structure and process of schooling. Research areas include Educational decentralization policy, Education reforms and development in China, Teacher professionalism within reform contexts and school-based professional development of teachers.

Research Interests
  • Education and Politics
  • Education Ethnography
  • Education Marketization
  • Education Policy
  • Qualitative Methods
  • Teacher Professional Development
Courses Taught
  • EDUC 3260 Teacher Development and Leadership
  • PEDU 6402 Qualitative Method in Educational Research
  • PGDE 5221 Education Reform in Chinese Societies
  • PGDE 5226 Teacher Development and Leadership
  • PGDP 5311 Education Reform in Chinese Societies
  • PGDP 5314 Teacher Development & Leadership
  • UGEC 2601 Educational Change in Chinese Societies
Recent Publications
  • Wang, X. F. & Wong, J. L. N. (in press). Teacher leaders’ brokerage practice in China: Impact on teacher learning in a school-university partnership. Educational Management Administration and Leadership (SSCI Journal)
  • Zhang, X. L., & Wong, J. L. N. (in press). How do teachers perceive their knowledge development through engaging in school-based learning activities? A case study in China. Journal of Education for Teaching. (SSCI Journal)
  • Zhang, X. L., Wong, J. L. N. & Wang, X. F. (in press). How do the leadership strategies of middle leaders affect teachers’ learning in schools? A case study from China. Professional Development in Education. (SSCI Journal)
  • Wang, X. F. & Wong J. L. N. (2019). How do university experts perform their boundary broker role to support teachers’ learning in the school-university partnership? An exploratory study in China.  Journal of Education for Teaching, 45(5), 585-604. (SSCI Journal)
  • Wong, J. L. N. (2018). Why social capital is important for mentoring capacity building of mentors: a case study in Hong Kong. Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice, 24(6), 706-718. (SSCI Journal)
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