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TP (Teaching Practice) provides opportunities for student teachers to put theory into classroom practice.
Consisting of several elements such as “micro-teaching”, “school attachment”, “teaching practicum”, “post TP evaluation” and more, TP allows student teachers to develop professional competence systematically. During the TP period, student teachers are required to integrate their subject and pedagogical knowledge with teaching skills in order to strengthen their teaching competence. They are also trained to develop professional teaching attitudes through reflection. 
TP in fact is only a starting point for all student teachers. In addition to allowing student teachers to obtain real school experience, TP also leads them into full professional development with a step-by-step progression.

Please visit the Teaching Practice website at http://www.fed.cuhk.edu.hk/~tp.

    Ho Tim Building B5
  • Student Activity Common Area at HTB -2/F
  • Room B5, B6 at HTB -2/F
  • IT Lab 1 (User Area) at HTB -1/F

For more information, please visit our webpage.

  • CUSIS Demonstration (Course Registration, Update Personal Information and View Grade) for all PGDE students [PDF]
  • SCACS - Student Computing Account Collection System
  • Application for Transcript/Certifying Letter/Curriculum Details/ Concurrent Registration
    • 1) Transcript (Student Copy) [ PDF/ Word ]
    • 2) Transcript (Official Copy) [ PDF/ Word ]
    • 3) Certifying Letter [ PDF/ Word ]
    • 4) Curriculum Details [ PDF/ Word ]
    • 5) Concurrent Registration [ PDF/ Word ]
  • Other forms for download
    • 1) Course and Unit Exemptions [ PDF / Word ]
    • 2) Notice of Withdrawal [ PDF / Word ]
    • 3) Refund of Caution Money [ PDF / Word ]
    • 4) Deferment of Tuition Fee or Appeal of Late Payment [ PDF / Word ]
    • 5) Suspension of Studies [ PDF / Word ]
    • 6) Deferred Admission [ PDF / Word ]