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 About On-line Teaching and Learning for Term II, 2019-20

Dear Students of CUHK Faculty of Education,

The novel coronavirus has created a major disruption to teaching and learning at CUHK. Due to the risk involved in face-to-face class instruction, CUHK has decided to adopt ZOOM as the teaching and learning platform. Indeed, course instruction via ZOOM has already started on 17 February 2020 (Monday). All the classes have been resumed at the regularly scheduled time. This arrangement will continue in Term II of the 2019-20 academic year until it is safe to switch back to face-to-face instructional mode.

ZOOM is an on-line teaching and learning space where teachers and students could meet for lectures, discussion, and other types of learning engagements virtually. Teachers of the Faculty of Education are familiar with e-learning strategies and applications. In the past 2-3 weeks our teachers have re-constructed their teaching and learning materials to accommodate the on-line teaching approach, and to make the fullest use of the features and functions of ZOOM to achieve the learning outcomes set for their respective courses.

Similar to face-to-face learning, the effectiveness of on-line teaching requires a collaborative relationship between learners and the instructor, as well as among the diverse group of students in the virtual classroom. CUHK has developed a website to support students and teachers to make a smooth transition to on-line teaching and learning. Please visit the website (https://www.elearning.cuhk.edu.hk/) and browse through the information to prepare for the ZOOM classes in the coming weeks. We also encourage you to review the document on "How to Maximize Your Online Learning Experience" that is available from this website which explain how students could get the most from the on-line learning experience. Please also note that the CUHK Library is offering a variety of services to support on-line teaching and learning (see: https://www.lib.cuhk.edu.hk/en/about/news/ls-service-support-20200207)

There are both advantages and limitations in using any instructional and pedagogical approach and the possibilities of on-line learning could be jeopardized if users do not abide by the higher-order principles and values guiding learning and teaching. In the on-line learning space, we hope that our students and teachers are well-prepared for learning, respectful to fellow students they encounter, professional in sharing their insights and experience when called upon, and eager to contribute to the learning process through active engagement. We encourage you to communicate with your teachers if there are concerns and difficulties and we will try our very best to help and resolve. You can also contact the respective programme offices for inquiries and support.

The Faculty of Education of CUHK is committed to maintaining quality courses and programmes for our students. Our teachers have made tremendous efforts to implement on-line teaching via ZOOM. CUHK will evaluate the impact of the novel coronavirus regularly and keep our students informed on the latest in teaching and learning. In this very challenging moment in Hong Kong, we encourage our students to care for and support one another, to keep our optimism that better moments are on the horizon, and to put into action our core value that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

With warmest regards,

Leung Seung Ming, Alvin
Dean of Education
Faculty of Education
The Chinese University of Hong Kong