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On September 26, the Faculty of Education of CUHK held the "Future Norm of Teaching and Learning Forum: Free Up Teachers". A group of education experts and scholars were invited to discuss the new normal of future teaching and feasible solutions on releasing teachers' time. Secretary of Education Dr. Christine Choi Yuk-lin, our alumna of the Doctor of Education Degree programme, attended the forum and delivered the keynote speech. Dr. Choi saidthat the forum was an excellent opportunity to discuss the problems and challenges brought by the epidemic for teachers in the past two years. She suggested that the learning model under the epidemic would become the new normal in the future, and relevant stakeholders should provide more technical support to teachers in their online teaching.

The forum was co-organized by the EdDataX and Centre for Learning Sciences and Technologies, CUHK. Drawing on his earlier research on Hong Kong schools, Professor Hau Kit Tai from the Department of Educational Psychology reported that Hong Kong teachers spent an average of 9.4 to 10.4 hours per week marking students’ homework. It is twice the time spent on lesson preparation,  making Hong Kong top in the world in terms of the time teachers spend marking homework. Prof Hau believes that teachers should make good use of digital platforms to mark homework and other assessments. In this way, teachers could have more time for lesson preparation and follow-up of students' learning progress.

In the discussion session, the guests expressed their opinions on using the online teaching platform to reduce the time teachers spend on marking. Among them, Mr. Yip Kai Kwan Julian, Assistant to the Episcopal of Delegate for Education of the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong, said that the online teaching platform could enable teachers to use the assessment data to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of students' learning, yielding useful information about learning effectiveness. It can also  serve as a source of feedback on  learning and teaching, allowing teachers to cater for individual student needsMr. Albert Chow, Executive Director of The Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ), believes that the learning data provided by the online teaching platform can facilitate collaboration between  teachers and those responsible for preparing course content. The data collected are useful in formulating suitable learning methods for students. Ms. Vu Im Fan, Chairman of the Subsidized Primary School Council, suggested  that the government  organize training courses for teachers so as to familiarize them with the teaching platform.

Future Norm of Teaching and Learning Forum: Free Up Teachers 
Date: 26 Sept, 202
Venue: LT1, Cheng Yu Tung Building, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Guest Host: Mr. Sammy Leung
Dr. Choi Yuk Lin (Secretary for Education, Education Bureau)
Prof. Rocky Tuan Sung-Chi (Vice-Chancellor and President of CUHK)
Prof. Fan Xitao (Dean of Education, CUHK)
Prof. Hau Kit Tai (Department of Educational Psychology, CUHK)
Prof. Morris Jong Siu Yung (Director, Centre for Learning Sciences and Technologies, CUHK)
Mr. Cheung Yung Pong (Honorary Chairman, Hong Kong Aided Primary School Heads Association)
Mr. Albert Chow Hing-Pong (Executive Director, Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications)
Dr. Gary Wong Ka Wai (Director, Centre for Information Technology in Education, HKU)
Mr. Albert Wong Kin Wai (Chairman, Association of I.T. Leaders in Education)
Mr. Ha Chi Hung (Founding President, FlippEducatorsHK)
Mr. LAU Chi Chung (Principal Education Secretary (Primary Education), Po Leung Kuk)
Ms. Vu Im Fan (Chairman, Subsidized Primary School Council)
Mr. Yip Kai Kwan Julian (Assistant to the Episcopal of Delegate for Education of the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong)