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The 2016 Graduation Ceremony of the Postgraduate Diploma in Education Programmes was held on 24 September 2016 at the Chung Chi Chapel with more than 340 graduates and 640 guests in attendance.

The guest of honor, Mr. Leung Kee Cheong, retired-principal of Fresh Fish Traders' School, addressed the congregation with an inspiring speech. He firstly shared two religious myths he learned on his two trips to China in the 1990s to remind the graduates the importance of the responsibility they are going to take as teachers. Although the myths originated from different religions, in both teachers were given special rights to heaven because “teachers can change people’s life”. Mr. Leung not only encouraged the graduates to pursue life-long learning but also shared with them some tips of effective teaching: 1) arouse students’ curiosity and interest; 2) concentration; 3) regular review of teaching content and self-reflection. Mr. Leung closed his speech with a motto from “The Art of War” by Sunzi (孫子兵法): “The Commander stands for the virtues of Wisdom, Sincerity, Benevolence, Courage and Strictness” (將者,智、信、仁、勇、嚴也).

Mr. Leung presented certificates to graduates, in the company of Professor Shiu Ling Po, Director of Studies, Professional Programmes in Education. After the vote of thanks by Ms. Ma Hiu Yan, the graduate representative, Professor Leung Seung Ming Alvin, Dean of Education, presented certificates to 39 graduates who were awarded Distinction in Course Work and/or Teaching Practice. The ceremony ended with graduates enjoying refreshments with family and friends. May we once again extend our congratulations to all of our graduates.

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