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Date Description Speaker(s) Organizer
18 Dec 2021 MA Degree in School Improvement and Leadership – Education Forum cum Information Session Please refer to the poster Department of Educational Administration & Policy
1 Jun 2021 Basic Law and the Teaching Profession Mr. Lester Garson Huang

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Office of School Partnership and Community Engagement
Faculty of Education
6 Mar 2019 The Importance of Work in an Age of Uncertainty : The Erosion of Work Experience in America Professor David L. Blustein (Department of Counseling, Developmental, and Educational Psychology, Lynch School of Education and Human Development, Boston College )

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Faculty of Education Distinguished Lecture Series
15 Jan 2019 Physical Literacy and the Movement to Get Kids Moving Professor Mark Tremblay
(Department of Pediatrics, University of Ottawa)
Faculty of Education Distinguished Lecture Series (co-organised by Department of Sports Science and Physical Education)
12 Dec 2018 Promoting Equity and Diversity in Education: The Importance of Social-Emotional Learning Professor Shelly Hymel (Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology and Special Education, University of British Columbia)

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Faculty of Education Distinguished Lecture Series
19 Nov 2018 Tracking: the impact on students, and why schools find it so difficult to stop Professor Becky Francis
(Institute of Education, University of London)

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Faculty of Education Distinguished Lecture Series
5 Nov 2018 Posthumanism and Mathematics Education Dr. Nathalie Sinclair
(Faculty of Education, Canada Research Chair in Tangible Mathematics Learning, Simon Fraser University)

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4 Nov 2017 Working with Parents: Opportunities and Challenges for Educators and Other Professionals Serving Families in Hong Kong Prof. Eva Pomerantz (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Prof. Ng Fei Yin Florrie (CUHK)
Dr. Luk Sau Ha Sarah (CUHK)

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17 Jun 2017 Data Speaks: Things We Learn to Build Better Schools Andreas Schleicher
(Director, Directorate of Education and Skills, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD))
3 Mar 2017 Designing Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) Dr. Chai Ching Sing
(Learning Sciences and Technologies Academic Group of the National Institute of Education in Singapore)
14 Dec 2016 Toward a Comprehensive, Creative and Culturally Responsive Early Childhood Music Curriculum Prof. Lily Chen-hafteck
(The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), USA )
22 Jun 2016 Positive Youth Development: An Approach to Primary Prevention and Wellness Professor Maureen E. Kenny
(Dean of Lynch School of Education, Boston College)
17-18 Jun 2016 第九屆兩岸四地「學校改進與夥伴協作」學術研討會 詳情請瀏覽主禮及演講嘉賓 香港中文大學教育學院
18 Mar 2016 In-house Seminar: Teacher Identity in Language Teaching: Integrating Personal, Contextual, and Professional Factors Professor Jack C. Richards
(Faculty of Education and Social Work, University of Sydney)
17 Mar 2016 Dr. Tien Chang Lin Technology Innovation Foundation Lecture Series: "Using Technology to Take Language Learners out of the Classroom" Professor Jack C. Richards
(Faculty of Education and Social Work, University of Sydney)
21 Jan 2016 Public Lecture: "How learning science theories and technology may change K12 education in the longer future of Asia" by Professor Tak-Wai Chan of National Central University Professor Tak-wai CHAN
(Chair Professor, Graduate Institute of Network Learning Technology National Central University)
12 Jun 2015 Lee Hysan Lecture Series in Education-"E-learning, Big Data, and the Transformation of Education: New Media and New Learning" by Professor Mary Kalantzis and Professor Bill Cope, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Professor Mary Kalantzis
(Dean, College of EducationUniversity of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

Professor Bill Cope
(Professor, Department of Education Policy, Organization and Leadership, College of Education, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
30 May 2015 The 50th Anniversary of Faculty of Education, CUHK
International Symposium on Global Perspectives on Developing Professional Learning Communities
Please refer to the website EAP
16 May 2015 香港中文大學教育學院五十周年系列活動之一
Please refer to the poster HKIER/EAP
7-8 May 2015 Conference on Higher Education for the 50th Anniversary of Faculty of Education, CUHK
Future University in Greater China: Boundary-crossing and Innovation
Please refer to the agenda Faculty
30 Jan 2015 Conference “Data Speaks: Lessons from Large-scale Educational Data Surveys for Educational Policy Reform and School Improvement" - HKIER
22 Sept 2014 語文樂園 阿濃 (朱溥生先生) 著名兒童文學作家 Faculty
28 Mar 2014 Lee Hysan Lecture Series "Governacne Redesign and School Improvement: Lessons from Urban School Districts in the U.S." by Professor Kenneth Wong Professor Kenneth K. Wong Faculty
5 OCT 2013 Public Lectures for CUHK 50th Anniversary : A Discussion on the Leadership of Hong Kong's School Principals in Today's Educational Environment 張文彪博士 (EAP) EAP
17 JUL 2013 Interventions for Language Learning Impairments Professor Maggie Snowling (University of Oxford) FOE
2 JUL 2013 CUHK 50th Anniversary Distinguished Lecture : Renowned Educational Psychologist Herbert Marsh Speaks on Student Evaluation of University Teaching Prof. Herbert W. Marsh (University of Oxford) CUHK
22 JUN 2013 Public Lectures for CUHK 50th Anniversary : The Development and Future of Sports Science 王香生教授 (SSPE) SSPE
25 MAY 2013 Public Lectures for CUHK 50th Anniversary : Professional Development of Physical Education Teachers: A 20-year Retrospective and Prospective Analysis
夏秀禎教授 (SSPE) SSPE
16 MAY 2013 China's Universities in the World Community: From Periphery to Centre or a Dialogue among Civilizations ? Prof. Ruth Hayhoe (University of Toronto) EAP
4 MAY 2013 Public Lectures for CUHK 50th Anniversary : Extracurricular Activities, Curriculum & Other Learning Experience:Myths & Reflections 黃毅英教授 (CRI)
林智中教授 (CRI)
23 MAR 2013 Public Lectures for CUHK 50th Anniversary : My Radiant Life in the Sports Fields 余翠怡小姐 (香港殘奧代表-輪椅劍擊)
李致和先生 (體育運動科學系副講師及前香港奧運代表-三項鐵人)
鄭家豪先生 (前香港武術代表隊隊長)
2 MAR 2013 Public Lectures for CUHK 50th Anniversary : Institutionalization of Professional Education for Hong Kong Teachers: The Practice, Narrative and Tradition of the Faculty of Education, CUHK Adjunct Prof. TSANG Wing Kwong (EAP) EAP
26 FEB 2013 One Brain for All Written Languages: General and Specific Neural Bases of Graphomotoric Codes Prof. Ovid J. L. Tzeng (Institute of Linguistics, Academia Sinica) EAP
23 FEB 2013 Conference: Educational Reform and Social Change: East-West Dialogue   EAP
23 JAN 2013 中國數學課程改革十年:設計、實施與改進 馬雲鵬教授 (東北師範大學) Office of Postgraduate Programmes in Education
19 JAN 2013 Public Lectures for CUHK 50th Anniversary : A Passage to Sichuan: A Journey to the Heart Prof. Lau Siu-ying, Patrick (EPS) EPS
1 JAN 2013 Harmony, Cacophony, or Silence: English Language Teacher Collaboration in Hong Kong Prof. Mary Shepard Wong (Azusa Pacific University) CRI
4 DEC 2012 Beyond cognition and affect: Values as volition in the optimization of mathematics learning and teaching Dr. Seah Wee Tiong (Monash University) CRI
1 DEC 2012 Sense-making in Cross-cultural Research: Beyond Results and Findings Dr. Seah Wee Tiong (Monash University) CRI
5 NOV 2012 Leadership in Cross Cultural Contexts: Perspectives from Hong Kong and the United States Prof. Nicholas Pang (EAP)
Prof. Deanne Magnusson (University of Minnesota)
Prof. Gerald W. Fry(University of Minnesota)
13 SEPT 2012 Economic Reform and the Transition of Higher Education Operation Mechanism in China Prof. Min Weifang (Peking University) HKIER
4 JUL 2012 Creative Writing and Digital Storytelling Prof. Icy Lee (CRI)
Dr. Paul Sze (CRI)
30 JUN 2012 Towards More Effective Phonics Teaching in the Primary Schoo Dr. Paul Sze (CUHK)
Ms Adeline Cheung (Oxford University Press, China)
Representatives from Buddhist Lam Bing Yim Memorial School and Alliance Primary School, Kowloon Tong
2 JUN 2012 From PISA research to classroom practice: the teaching and assessment of science Dr. Lau Kwok Chi Victor (CRI)
Dr. Lam Yuk Ping Terrence
29 MAY 2012 台灣高等教育學習成果導向與系所評鑑之探討 林海清教授
7 MAY 2012 Hong Kong's Potential for Global Educational Dialogue: Retrospective and Vision Prof. Ruth Hayhoe (University of Toronto) EAP
26 APR 2012 The cognitive and behavioral complexity of Hong Kong leader: Results from the 3 year study Prof. Nicholas Pang (EAP)
Prof. John Pisapia (Florida Atlantic University)
2 APR 2012 教育政策過程的 "中國模式": 意料之外的結果與意料之中的過程 ? 林小英教授 (北京大學) EAP
11 JAN 2012 The structure of mathematics related affect Prof. Markku Hannula (University of Helsinki) CRI
17 JAN 2011 Lee Hysan Lecture Series:
Approaches to General Education
Prof Harry R. Lewis (Harvard University) FOE & Shaw College
8 JAN 2011 Achieving Excellence in the Teaching of Reading and Writinng Principles and Teachers from HHCKLA Buddhist Wisdom Primary School / and Pui Kiu Primary School, Professor Cecilia Chun, Professor Icy Lee and Dr Paul Sze CRI
29 MAY 2010 個人成長及家長教育講座系列 ——訓輔合一在後現代社會中尋覓意義︰對輔導與訓導的啟示 陶兆銘博士(香港教育研究所專業顧問) HKIER
8 MAY 2010 普通話教中文專題研討會 伍衛華教授(汕頭市職業技術學院)及藍田循道衛理小學代表、何偉傑教授(普通話教育研究及發展中心協同主任) HKIER
24 APR 2010 個人成長及家長教育講座系列 ——訓輔合一 「自尊及自我形象」——輔導之啟思 姚簡少薇女士(香港教育研究所專業顧問) HKIER
23 APR 2010 Missouri Longitudinal Study of Mathematical Development and Disability Prof. David C. Geary (University of Missouri) EPS
17-24 APR 2010 「建立數學科學習社群協作計劃」(2009/10):中期分享會 各計劃學校老師及蘇式冬教授(前廣東教育學院教授)、梁易天先生及方佩珍女士 (CUSP) CUSP
13 APR 2010 Cultural Adaptations to Environmental Variability: An Evolutionary Explanation of East-West Differences Prof. Chang Lei (EPS) EPS
30 MAR 2010 Seminar: Turning Development and Consultancy Proposals into Research Papers and Publishable Articles Prof. Peter Falvey (Cambridge ESOL, Cambridge, UK) CRI
29 MAR 2010 Lunch Talk: Creating a Culture of Publishing within the Department Prof. Peter Falvey (Cambridge ESOL, Cambridge, UK) CRI
25 MAR 2010 各自闡釋:我所理解的新高中通識教肓枓的課程大綱 曾榮光教授 (EAP) EAP,通識教育科課程發展與教學文學碩士課程
20 MAR 2010 專題講座:「孔子與儒家思想發源地—泗水」 鄧立光博士(香港城市大學專業進修學院) CUSP
13 MAR 2010 領導學校改善─本土的經驗研討會 主持:彭新強教授 (EAP)
講者:曾榮光教授 (EAP)、趙志成博士(HKIER優質學校改進計劃)及張文彪博士 (EAP專業顧問暨崇真書院校長)
11 MAR 2010 Seminar: University Teachers' Work Life in Japan: A Private Women's University Case Prof. HINO Midori (Kinjo Gakuin University) EAP
6 MAR 2010 新高中通識教育科的教材選用評鑑研究 講者:鄭漢文博士(「通識教育科課程發展與教學文學碩士課程」課程協同總監)回應:莊達成老師(通識教育科專業發展學會會長) FOE, HKIER,通識教育科專業發展學會
6 MAR 2010 2009 – 2010 Mock Interview Workshop for Prospective Secondary and Primary School Teachers