Department of Educational Psychology

WONG Pak-Ho, Bernard, Ph.D.

Professional Consultant, BSocSc (HKU), PGDE (HKIED), PhD (HKU), REP (HKPS), AFHKPS

Bernard received his Bachelor of Social Sciences and Doctor of Philosophy (with a specialization in Educational Psychology) degrees from The University of Hong Kong. He obtained his teacher training qualification from the Hong Kong Institute of Education. Prior to his current position, Bernard was the Director of General Education and the Programme Director of the Master of Social Sciences in Psychology programme at Hong Kong Shue Yan University.

Bernard is a registered Educational Psychologist and an Associate Fellow of the Hong Kong Psychological Society (HKPS). He is the Immediate Past President of HKPS, and the Immediate Past Chairperson of its Division of Educational Psychology.
Mindfulness-Based Interventions; Expressive Therapies; Leadership and Personal Enrichment; Transition from Adolescence to Young Adulthood; Positive Youth Development; School Engagement
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