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Programme Description

This is a two-year full-time programme which offers professional training in educational psychology through a scientist-practitioner model, featuring a curriculum consisting of an array of course work in assessment, consultation, and evidence-based interventions that are relevant to the local context. In addition, students have to complete a specific number of hours of supervised practice in assessment and intervention before graduation. These practicums are supervised by qualified educational/clinical psychologists in the field. This programme is offered under the Faculty of Education, in close collaboration with the professional training programme in Clinical Psychology that is offered by the Department of Psychology.

Graduates of this programme are expected to meet the professional competence and ethical standards for registration as Educational Psychologist in Hong Kong. Services provided by educational psychologists include psychoeducational assessment, intervention with children, adolescents and their families, in-service training for teachers, consultation with parents, teachers, principals and education-related administrators in both government funded and private sectors.


Who Should Apply?

The target participants of MA in Professional Educational Psychology are individuals who already have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (or its equivalent), and aspire to receive training that, upon completion, will qualify them to serve as professional Educational Psychologists in Hong Kong.

Study Scheme

(1) Coursework Requirement

Students are required to complete a total of 60 units for graduation. These units are spread under 5 clusters, namely: Professional and Foundation Knowledge, Psychological Assessment, Intervention Skills and Strategies, Research in Educational Psychology and Fieldwork.

Professional and Foundation Knowledge
(i) Core Courses
9 units
(ii) Elective Course
- 1-2 elective course(s) from: PEDU6502, 6506, 6513, 6515
3-6 units
- 0-1 elective course from: PSYC7021
0-3 units
- 1 elective course from: PEDU6051-6054, 6208-6209
3 units
Psychological Assessment
(i) Core Courses
9 units
Intervention Skills and Strategies
(i) Core Courses
12 units
Research in Educational Psychology
(i) Core Courses
9 units
(ii) Elective Course
2 elective courses from: PEDU6401-6406
(There are pre-requisites for PEDU6404 & 6405, please refer
to Faculty Handbook – Course Descriptions for details.)
3 units
(i) Core Course
9 units
(2) Other Requirements

(a) A student must achieve a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0 in order to fulfill the graduation requirement.

(b) Except for courses EPSY6402 – 6403 Dissertation Research and EPSY6501 – 6503 Practicum, students are required to achieve a minimum grade of “D” in the courses taken during the study in order to fulfill the coursework and graduation requirements. For courses EPSY6402 – 6403 Dissertation Research and EPSY6501 – 6503 Practicum, students must achieve grade “C-” or above unless special approval is granted by the Faculty Board. A student who cannot achieve grade “C-” or above for courses EPSY6402 – 6403 Dissertation Research and EPSY6501 – 6503 Practicum will be required to re-take the course(s) in the subsequent term(s) until grade “C-” or above is achieved.

(c) Students must fulfill the Term Assessment Requirement of the Graduate School. A student who obtains a cumulative grade point average (GPA) below 2.0 in the preceding term will be put on academic probation. For details, please refer to Section 13.0 “Unsatisfactory Performance and Discontinuation of Studies” of the General Regulations Governing Postgraduate Studies which can be accessed from the Graduate School Homepage: