Workshop Schedule


June 25, 2019 (Tuesday)

18:00-20:00Welcome dinnerChung Chi College Staff Clubhouse

June 26, 2019 (Wednesday)

Time SessionVenue
08:30-10:00 Poster presentation209B
10:00-10:50Exploring the meaning of Asian parenting from a contextual-developmental perspective – Xinyin Chen209A
10:50-11:40Culture and parenting: From theoretical foundations to research and practice – Sara Harkness209A
11:40-12:00Q & A209A
13:00-13:20Group photoFoyer
13:20-14:10Social change, cultural values, and parenting: Mixed-method research in China, Myanmar, and Japan – Patricia Greenfield209A
14:10-15:00Socioeconomic status and parental academic socialization – Yoko Yamamoto209A
15:20-15:45Coffee breakFoyer
15:45-16:35Learning to construct an autobiographical self through parent-child reminiscing – Qi Wang209A
16:35-16:45Q & A209A
16:45-17:30Breakout sessions203, 205-208, 209A, 210-211, 214-215

June 27, 2019 (Thursday)

08:30-10:00Poster presentations209B
10:00-10:50The mixed methods of cross-cultural research on parenting – Charles Super209A
10:50-11:40Cultural variations in parenting in remote villages in Nepal – Pamela Cole209A
11:40-12:00Q & A209A
13:30-14:20New directions in the study of families in cultural context – Susan Holloway209A
14:20-15:10Controlling parenting in the United States and China – Eva Pomerantz209A
15:10-15:30Q & A209A
15:30-15:50Coffee breakFoyer
15:50-16:40Multi-method approaches to understanding Asian immigrant parenting – Charissa Cheah209A
16:40-16:50Q & A209A
16:50-17:30Breakout sessions203, 205-208, 210-211, 214-215

June 28, 2019 (Friday)

08:30-09:20Cultural meanings of parenting – Gisela Trommsdorff209A
09:20-10:10Developing an Asian developmental psychology: A few trans-generational observations from a cross-cultural social psychologist – Michael Bond209A
10:10-11:00Parenting in cross-cultural perspective – Marc Bornstein209A
11:00-11:20Q & A209A
11:20-12:30Closing remarks209A
Hours Copyright 2018. The Chinese University of Hong Kong. All rights reserved.
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