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Programme on Legal Matters in the School Context for School Principals

School principals are entrusted by their school sponsoring bodies to manage their schools as a legally-bound and negligence-abstained cohesive, organic, conscientious, dynamic, caring and supportive entity in which teachers’ employment rights are respected and students’ individual rights are protected. To this end, the Education Bureau has commissioned The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2014/15 school year to organize the Programme on Legal Matters in the School Context for School Principals. The Programme aims not only to familiar the school principal participants with the essential legal concepts and relevant ordinances pertaining to school operations but also to help them develop a pro-effective-governance attitude as well as a risk management mindset. The programme can help school principals not only lawfully yet reactively to deal with problems but also strategically and proactively to prevent negligence. 
The programme is designed as an introductory course for serving principals to understand school law and its implications for school administration. Its aim is to enhance the school principals’ awareness and understanding of legal knowledge and related concepts and to put them into practices so as to carry out their leadership roles in school management more effectively. 
The following are the major objectives of the Programme: 
(1) To introduce to school principals various aspects of law that has important bearing on school operation; 
(2) To probe into key issues in school education from the legal perspective; and 
(3) To gain insights into these key issues from the sharing of practical experiences of veteran school principals, particularly in better governance and risk management.