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The Centre logo is dervied from the ancient Chinese Character "Shou", which means "leader".

School Development

In the modern world, effective schools need to focus on revitalization of their organizations and adaptation to changing environments. Almost daily, educators are confronted with demands from society to reform the organizational structure and educational processes. In order to survive in an ever-changing environment, Hong Kong schools have no exception and are required to transform themselves into learning organizations. 
In this context, it is our mission to help schools to transform into learning organizations. When schools are learning organizations, they are more able to (i) shift their paradigms in daily managerial and teaching practice; (ii) initiate organizational change for continuous development; (iii) cope with the challenges created by recent educational reforms; and (iv) provide quality education for their students and quality services for the stakeholders concerned. 

Our projects serve the multi-purposes of assisting schools in: 
developing their own models of school-based management (SBM) in the spirit recommended by the Education Commission Report No.7; 
institutionalizing a self-evaluation framework in daily practices and acquiring the skills and techniques of school self-evaluation (SSE); 
developing sets of school-based performance indicators (SBPIs) for use in school self-evaluation; 
preparing for external school review (ESR), focus inspections (FIs) or whole-school inspections (WSIs) conducted by the Quality Assurance Division (QAD) of the Education and Manpower Bureau (EMB); 
cultivating a climate of organizational change to meet the challenges posed by the recent educational reforms in Hong Kong; 
fostering a culture of organizational learning in the schools and facilitating them to transform into learning organizations. 

One aim of HKCDEL is to initiate collaborative school development projects. Over the last three or so years, the Centre has initiated a series school improvement projects for the development of school capacity. Recent projects and workshops include:

Recent School Improvement Projects 
by School Development and Evaluation Team

University-School Support Programme: 
Quality Early Childhood Education: The Practice of Assessment for Learning and the Use of Portfolios in Kindergartens (Education Development Fund) 
優質幼兒教育--「促進學習的評估」之實踐與幼稚園學習歷程檔案的應用 (教育發展基金) 

The project aims to help Hong Kong kindergarten teachers to improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning via practicing assessment-for-learning (AfL) and using portfolios in classroom. An AfL-PDICE Model, which integrates the practice of AfL skills and effective use of portfolios, is proposed as a framework for school development. This project is sponsored by the Education Development Fund (EDF) of the Education Bureau (EDB) for the three years, from 2012 to 2015. The success of the project will involve a tripartite collaboration among the School-based Professional Support Section of EDB, the School Development and Evaluation Team (SDET) of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and teachers, students and parents from a total of 60 kindergartens in Hong Kong. Project activities include training seminars and workshops, school-based support, lesson observations, visits and meetings. The School Development Officers of CUHK will help the participating kindergartens and early childhood educators institutionalize Assessment-for-Learning (AfL) in their daily teaching and establish a school-based student portfolio system in the assessment exercise. Deliverables from the project include training packages of related themes, assessment tools, exemplars of student portfolios, and academic publications. Dissemination sessions, for examples, seminars and forums, will be organized, to allow professional exchange among early childhood educators. Research and academic papers concerning the effective use of assessment-for-learning and portfolios in kindergartens, as well as the impacts of the project on the participating schools will be published. In sum, the project aims to enhance of overall quality of early childhood education in Hong Kong.  

Educational Leadership for Student Learning 

(1) 讓教師掌握最新的促進教學的領導理論及知識; 
(2) 讓教師習得發展課程和教學領導的方法和技巧; 
(3) 培訓中層人員的課程及教學領導能力和觀課技巧; 
(4) 讓教師掌握教導學生的自主學習方法及工具; 
(5) 透過培訓提升教師高效提問的技巧; 
(6) 培訓科組長發展校本的觀課策略,建構觀課、評課的校本工具; 
(7) 與科組長共同備課,實施促進學習的評估及實踐學習方法的教授; 
(8) 透過專業評課,同儕觀課,分析教學的實況,以達至反思教學的實踐; 
(9) 互訪參與計劃學校的觀課/互教活動,增加專業社群的交流和學習機會。 
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